What is Your Self Care Style?

Something I’ve learned during my journey of self growth and healing, as well as in my work with clients is that we all have different forms of self care. 

Now I always ask my clients what THEY do for self care, and help them to prioritize those things, maybe adding something else that they resonate with. Some people don’t have anything they consider self care so I offer some of my favorites, but often I’ll find that they have a wonderfully specific and individualized self care routine. 

Here’s a list of my self care go to’s:



Going for a walk

Reading, watching, or listening to something inspiring/interesting/spiritual/or related to self growth

Spending time with loved ones and/or pets

Knocking out one or two things on my to do list to relieve stress

Treating myself to something delicious and/or nutritious that I love

Yoga or gym time

Self Reiki

Receiving a healing/massage/pedicure/hypnotherapy session/etc.

Breathing techniques

And here’s some other ideas I use or have heard of

Rock Climbing

Playing a video game

Watching your favorite show or movie

Going fishing/golfing/skydiving/etc.

Reading something entertaining

People watching

Taking a bath

Using essential oils/crystals/cbd/etc.

Affirmations/I am statements

Getting dolled up

Having a cup of tea/coffee/wine

Having a morning routine

Bible study

Enjoying intimacy with self or partner


Going for a drive

And the list goes on!

The point I am trying to make with this post is that, it doesn’t matter what you do. What is your self care style? Once you figure that out and have your own list of go to’s, you can build a routine that supports your health, happiness, and growth. 

You can also mix and match, try new things, and learn the best things to do to help pull yourself out of a rut. 

There is so much out there now that shows how much more productive we become when we take time for self care. Stress is reduced, we become happier, calmer, and more able to cope with challenging situations. We also begin to enjoy our lives more, which pretty much sells it for me!

I’ll go more in depth into different forms of self care like meditation, journaling, breathing techniques, etc. on later posts, and I already have videos on some of these topics over on my youtube channel Here.

Thanks for reading!

I hope you have a lovely evening and that you take some time to think about what builds you up, what fulfills your soul, what keeps you motivated.

What is your self care style?

Much love!