When I first began striving to have my own healing career I hit a lot of snags. I found that I’d get a lot of momentum going toward something, then it would sort of fizzle out, I’d lose motivation, or it wouldn’t seem to go anywhere.

I have been studying spirituality, healing, metaphysics and self development ideas since early childhood, yet something always seemed to get in my way. 

The simple realization that upleveled my life is:

Learn from the people who already are where you want to be. Stop taking the advice of those who are nowhere near where you want to be. 

I had heard this over and over again as I studied and grew but it didn’t sink in until about 4 years ago when I was listening to John Assaraf interview highly successful people. As I listened to him say this message that I’d heard from so many sources, I realized that I had been taking advice from all the wrong sources for years. 

I would study, practice, and reach a place where my intuition was guiding me, but then as we all do, I would excitedly share my plans with my friends and family. The people in my life are wonderful, and supportive, and everything they were telling me was because of the intent to help me, but none of those amazing people were doing what I wanted to do.

No one that was giving me advice had their own business, none were in the helping field, none of them understood the things that I had been learning for years, and I realized that when I listened to their advice I would lose my shine, my drive, and my intuition. 

I’m not telling you to ignore all of your loved ones, I just want you to be aware of what advice you are taking. Is the person giving you financial advice well off, or are they broke? Is the person giving you relationship advice in a truly loving and fulfilled relationship? Are the people telling you how to move forward in your life living the kinds of lives that you really want to live?

I was lucky enough to meet my mentor, Marisa Peer, in person and study under her when I knew that her method was how I wanted to help people. But before I met her I filled my mind with other teachings. I found successful, authentic people that resonated with me and I read their books, I listened to their interviews, I watched their videos. I began to put more credibility behind the advice of the millionaires, the blissful, loving entrepreneurs and healers that inspired me. 

I kept my intuition strong by not asking for advice from those who were not where I wanted to be, and by taking it with a big fat grain of salt when they offered it to me without my asking. 

I trust my self now, and I have found that the more I trust my own intuition and the lessons that resonate with me from people who inspire me, the more my joy and success expand. Since I had that simple realization, my business, my spirituality, my joy have all grown so quickly, it is amazing!

So trust yourself and listen to the advice of the people who are already where you want to be.

I hope this helps and that you have a beautiful day!